James Randi's activities in recent years

1989: The American Physical Society presented James Randi with their Forum Award. The citation read:

"For his unique defense of science and the scientific method in many disciplines, including physics, against pseudoscience, frauds and charlatans. His use of scientific techniques has contributed to refuting suspicious and fraudulent claims of paranormal results. He has contributed significantly to public understanding of important issues where science and society interact."

Also in 1989, Mr. Randi was awarded the Gold Medal of the University of Ghent, Belgium, for his work in combatting pseudoscience and quackery, and he received the Book of the City of Ghent.

1990: The American Humanist Association gave Mr. Randi their Humanist Distinguished Service Award for his

"lifetime contributions to Humanism through the effective promotion of rationality and critical thinking."

The Committee for Scientific Examination of Religion(CSER) gave James Randi their 1990 Distinguished Service Award for his research into the fraudulent practices of faith healers and the legal actions against the evangelists that resulted from his work.

The Baton Rouge Proponents of Rational Inquiry & Scientific Methods gave Mr. Randi their 1990 annual Thomas Paine Award

"For his unceasing campaign to expose charlatans, fakers, and other purveyors of unreason and illogic, the whole world over."

1992: The Hungarian Society for the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge awarded its highest decoration, the Commemorative Medal with Golden Wreath, to James Randi

"For his very successful activity and for his enlightening efforts during several decades in the field of unmasking pseudoscientific beliefs."

The Mu Epsilon Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, Miami-Dade Community College, recognized Mr. Randi

"For his contribution to Education and for his tireless pursuit of Truth."

Mr. Randi was the 1992 Isaac Asimov Lecturer at the Asimov Seminar of the Rensselaerville Institute of New York.

1993: James Randi delivered the first Koetser Memorial Lecture in Zürich, Switzerland. The Memorial Prize was awarded him

"In recognition of his continuous efforts to educate the public on science, to make scientists more aware of methods and possible fallacies, and for his intellectual integrity in enlightening us."

In November, James Randi spoke at the European Week of Scientific Culture both in Lisbon (Portugal) and Madrid(Spain).

On October 19, 1993, the PBS-TV "NOVA" program broadcasted one-hour special titled "Secrets of the Psychics" dealing with Mr. Randi's life work, particularly with his investigations of Uri Geller and various healing claims being made by scientists in Russia. This program has been repeated on PBS several times since.

1994: In April, 1994, at the request of Dean Guido Calabresi, James Randi addressed the Yale University Law School as part of their "Science & the Law" seminar. It was only the third time that the Law School auditorium was filled to capacity for a speaker. Dean Calabresi wrote:

"I am writing . . . to thank you for your wonderful discussion . . . Your presentation was a major boost for our TechLaw group. You certainly lived up to your reputation as an articulate, knowledgeable, and entertaining speaker. . . . Your presentation was a great success!"

1995: Mr. Randi's 10th book, "An Encyclopedia of the Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult & Supernatural," was published by St. Martin's Press. Foreword by Arthur C. Clark, who wrote:

"I regard Randi as a national treasure, and perhaps one of the remaining antidotes that may prevent the rotting of the American mind."

The U.K. edition, "The Supernatural, A to Z," is published by Headline, London.

Also in 1995, an honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, was awarded Mr. Randi from the University of Indianapolis. The citation read, in part,

"James Randi, prolific author, lecturer, and scientific investigator, celebrated MacArthur fellow, and truly amazing magician, your studies have exposed the falsities of pseudoscience, the paranormal, and the occult in order to enlighten the world to genuine science and the authentic powers of the intellect and spirit. In recognition of your scholarly investigations which have helped to define the boundary between true and false faith, between playful magic and the manipulation of quackery, in honor of your distinctive genius in the services of humanity...."

New Books

An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural (1995 from St. Martin's Press, NY). This is a comprehensive treatment of definitions, origins and terminology used by the occultists, parapsychologists and psychics, done from the skeptical point of view. It runs 280 pages and is illustrated throughout. Foreword by Arthur C. Clarke, in which he says that the book is "not only informative but highly entertaining." UK edition by Headline, London.............................................

"Flim-Flam" -- there is a Spanish edition, "Fraudes Paranormales" from Tikal Ediciones, Madrid. Norwegian edition 1994 ( Juks og Bedrag! )

"Mask of Nostradamus" French edition by ditions Griot,1994, "Le Vrai Visage de Nostradamus."

"Conjuring" Korean edition, July 1994..........................................................

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